The CREATE Education Project, the UK organisation championing 3D printing in the classroom, has announced the launch of its first Primary Education 3D Printing Hub in partnership with Rolls-Royce.

Wyndham Primary Academy in Derby was selected as the chosen hub after a call went out to schools in the area to pitch how the technology would be embraced within the school and the wider community in a bid to become a centre of excellence for 3D printing in education.

CREATE Education and Rolls-Royce put together a prize package of technology and support including 3D printers, software, curriculum consultation, curriculum CPD including technical training, plus lifetime curriculum and technical support.

The winning school has, in the last eight years, gone from being labelled one of the bottom 200 in the country in a region where attainment scores are lower than the national average, to becoming a dedicated Research school awarded World Class School status. This week, the school will add to that list of accolades when it launches the UK’s first Primary Education 3D Printing Hub with a ribbon cutting ceremony including representatives from Rolls-Royce and The CREATE Education Project. The open day, which takes place on the 24th October, will see attendees and competition runners-up from neighbouring schools taking part in 3D printing activities.

The goal behind this initiative is to introduce the cutting edge technologies used by many of today’s industries into education. Rolls-Royce is said to have partnered with CREATE Education after it identified a skills gap in its workforce and wanted to help in developing digital skills within its local catchment area of Derby. CREATE Education, which already provides free education resources and open-source platforms, and partners with TCT on the annual Inspired Minds Classroom at TCT Show, is looking to carry out further projects nationwide to inspire education and industry and develop needed skills for the future.

If you would like to get involved, contact CREATE Education here.