Grants will help school children with lessons and instruments

Decca: launching its music education bursary with climbing challenge

Decca has launched a bursary to support music education throughout the UK.

The Decca Bursary, founded in the label’s 90th year, gives its aim as ‘to inspire and encourage a new generation of classical musicians and composers. Its mission is to help children afford a classical music education, no matter their financial background’. It will be a restricted fund within the new Universal Music UK Sound Foundation bursary, which earlier this month marked both its 21st anniversary and a milestone of £8m raised for music education.

Individuals in full time education will be eligible to apply for a grant up to a maximum value of £2000 towards classical music lessons, instruments and courses throughout the UK. Applications for awards will open in the New Year.

‘The bursary aims to give that “first foot” into classical music that a financial barrier could halt,’ says Decca A&R Manager, Fiona Pope, who has worked on the project from its beginning. ‘The opportunity to learn an instrument, and the positive outcomes across all aspects of achievement that it brings, should be for everyone. The idea that the next Pavarotti or Mozart could be within our midst but can’t afford to discover their talent is ludicrous.’

The Bursary is being launched by a team from Decca Records and Universal Music UK climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales over two days this coming weekend. For more information, visit the fundraising page