Seven language schools have joined the International Association of Language Centres, in addition to two new associate centres and one seasonal centre.

With Dialoge – Bodensee Sprachschule in Landau IALC has nine destinations in Germany. Photo: Dialoge

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IALC now has schools in 121 destinations in 21 countries, teaching 10 languages

The 10 new members from across eight countries bring the total number of schools in the association to 162, among which 43 are associate and 19 are seasonal centres.

“IALC continuously recruits the best quality language schools in different destinations”

“We are delighted to welcome so many new members to IALC that all reflect the care and attention IALC schools devote to their students and embody the spirit of the association,” Seek-Mui Sum, chief-operating officer at IALC said.

The new IALC Centres include:

  1. Worldwide School of English, Auckland, New Zealand.
    2. Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth, UK.
    3. Heartland International English School Winnipeg Canada.
    4. Heartland International English School Mississauga, Canada.
    5. Brooklyn School of Languages, USA.
    6. Dialoge – Bodensee Sprachschule GmbH, Lindau, Germany.
    7. Académie Linquistique Internationale (ALI), Montreal, Canada.
    8. Genki Japanese and Culture School, Kyoto, Japan.
    9. France Langue, Lyon, France.
    10. New Seasonal: Centro Fiorenza – Island of Elba, Italy.

The association now has schools in 121 destinations in 21 countries, teaching 10 languages.

“IALC continuously recruits the best quality language schools in different destinations, so that we can offer a varied and interesting portfolio to agencies and students,” Sum told The PIE News.

With three of the new schools situated in Canada, Sum noted that the destination has always been an important region for the organisation.

“These new schools in Canada offer us three new destinations ranging from the multicultural and bilingual Montreal to the beautiful natural scenery and cultural heritage of Winnipeg and Mississauga,” she said.