Rugby School, a British private school with a history spanning over 450 years and known as the birthplace of rugby, announced on Friday that it will open a sister school in Japan in autumn 2022.

The announcement states that  the coeducational school will have a capacity of 750 students in junior high school and high school levels of education. The school will be based in Tokyo, with additional campuses in the Kansai western Japan region and Hokkaido, northernmost Japan.

The school will accept both day and boarding students, and will teach mainly in English.

“Rugby is the first British independent school to open a sister school in Japan–another connection between Rugby and Japan in 2019,” Rugby School’s official twitter account tweeted as the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan reaches its climax.

“While Rugby School is unashamedly academic, we believe that to help children to grow with confidence in themselves and curiosity about life they need to have as many opportunities as possible,” Peter Green, head master of the school, said in a statement.