Welcome to Maltman’s Green

a unique school for girls aged 2-11.

Maltmans Green  is a school where girls thrive, working hard and having fun. A school with energy and vitality. A school where girls are happy and feel important and valued.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence whilst maintaining a sense of enjoyment.

At Maltman’s Green we believe that excellence and high standards are goals worth attaining. We want to inspire your daughter to do her very best, inside and outside the classroom, celebrate all her efforts and give her the encouragement she needs to grow in confidence. We want your daughter to leave with a feeling of self-worth and self-belief.

Old-fashioned values like courtesy, doing one’s best, and respect for others also matter a great deal to us. Maltman’s Green is a school where childhood is valued: a bright and purposeful place where girls have high expectations and succeed.

We are tremendously proud of our school and look forward to

showing you round.

Our Aims

Maltman’s Green exists to provide a broad and stimulating education within a secure and caring environment. It aims to foster personal qualities such as self-reliance, determination, confidence and respect for others. The children are encouraged and inspired to develop their own talents, while self-discipline, self-esteem and mutual respect are highly valued. Small classes allow for personalised teaching and individual support as we encourage the pursuit of excellence across the curriculum.

Our dedicated staff are well qualified and specialist teaching is a feature of the school, particularly at KS2. We aim to give all children access to a wide range of pursuits and competitive success is achieved in many areas, particularly, gymnastics, swimming and music. The ethos of the school includes a clear moral framework where pupils have a strong sense of purpose and enjoy working together towards common goals. The environment is happy and caring with a high standard of pastoral care.

Curriculum | A Personalised Approach

Excellence with a sense of fun

At Each and every girl is unique. We value and celebrate that uniqueness. Focusing on individual needs enables us to nurture the particular strengths of our girls. While paving the way for excellence we also ensure that emotional wellbeing is fostered and personal victories, however small, are celebrated. Our approach is holistic; a child is greater than the sum of their parts and our goal is to continue to provide an enjoyable, inspiring and motivational environment for all of our girls.

If your daughter is a maths genius, a gymnastic super star, a science enthusiast, linguist or budding author we will ensure that she gets every opportunity to be challenged. Differentiation in lessons plays a central role here, be it by task or learning style. In each lesson, every girl must be able to come away feeling a sense of achievement, as well as knowing what they need to do to improve. Extra-curricular clubs provide opportunities for girls to explore their abilities and there are a variety of school, local and national competitions that all girls can enter.

Maltman’s Green School,
Maltmans Lane,
Gerrards Cross,
Bucks. SL9 8RR.

Tel: 01753 883 022